Transform Your Halloween Makeup Look with Stunning Makeup Creations

Halloween is the perfect occasion to unleash your creativity and experiment with bold and mesmerizing makeup looks. Whether you’re attending a spooky party or trick-or-treating, your costume is incomplete without the perfect Halloween makeup. In this article, we’ll explore some stunning and spooky Halloween makeup ideas that will take your costume to the next level. From enchanting Catrina makeup to haunting vampire looks, get ready to turn heads and leave everyone in awe of your artistic skills.

1. Catrina Halloween Makeup

Stunning Catrina Halloween makeup using matte green eyeshadow with glitter on upper and lower eyelids, and long lashes

Catrina, the elegant and iconic Day of the Dead character, is a popular choice for Halloween makeup. Create a stunning Catrina look by using matte green eyeshadow with a touch of glitter on your upper and lower eyelids. Accentuate your eyes with long lashes and add a pop of sophistication with glossy nude lips. Complete the look with intricate decoration using white pearls on your face, enhancing the overall ethereal appeal.

2. Neon Green and Black Clown Makeup

Neon green and black clown makeup with matte black lips, green rhinestones, and a touch of neon green color on hair braids
Credit: Instagram@lottiegeliot

For those who want a more vibrant and eye-catching makeup look, the neon green and black clown makeup is a fantastic choice. Also, apply a neon green color to your hair braids and complement it with matte black lips. Then, add a touch of sparkle with green rhinestones, creating an electrifying contrast. Indeed, this Halloween makeup look is sure to make you the center of attention at any Halloween gathering.

3. Gothic Makeup

Gothic makeup with smokey black eyes, big cobwebs on outer eye corners, two spiders on each cheek, and glossy black lips
Credit: Instagram@sapplesauce666

Embrace the dark side with a gothic-inspired makeup look. Create smokey black eyes that exude mystery and intrigue. Enhance the outer corners of your eyes with big cobwebs and add a touch of whimsy with spiders on each cheek. Complement the dark eyes with glossy black lips and complete the ensemble with yellow contact eyes and black Halloween nails adorned with white cobwebs. This Halloween makeup is perfect for those who seek a hauntingly beautiful appearance.

4. Rhinestoned Pumpkin Makeup

Orange rhinestone pumpkin Halloween makeup covers all face except the left upper corner which shows a bloody outline
Credit: Instagram@bereebeauty_

Make a bold statement with an orange rhinestone pumpkin makeup look. Cover your entire face with orange rhinestones, leaving only the left upper corner to reveal a bloody outline. The right eye, nose, and stitched mouth can be accentuated with black rhinestones, adding a touch of eerie elegance. So, this unique and eye-catching look is sure to make you the talk of the town.

5. Black and White Skull Makeup

Black and white skull makeup features teeth and cracks on the face with pretty smoky brown eyes and glittery eyelids
Credit: Instagram@bereebeauty_

Embrace the macabre with a black-and-white skull makeup look. Create the illusion of teeth and cracks on your face using black and white face paint. Enhance your eyes with pretty smoky brown shades, complete with glittery eyelids and bold black eyeliner. Add an extra touch of elegance with crystals on your chin, around your eyes, and between your eyebrows. Opting for this striking Halloween makeup look is guaranteed to turn heads.

6. Spooky Vampire Halloween Look

Spooky vampire Halloween makeup look with red contact eyes, Smokey eyes, and red and black vampy lips with a blood drip
Credit: Instagram@makeupbycaitlinv

Unleash your inner vampire with a spooky vampire Halloween makeup look. Sport red contact eyes for a chilling effect and create mesmerizing smokey eyes. Emphasize your lips with a vampy combination of red and black, adding a blood drip to enhance the eerie allure. Complete the look with bloody scratches on your neck and red and black ombre nails. At last, choosing this classic Halloween makeup look is both terrifying and captivating.

7. Creative Billy the Puppet Makeup

Creative Billy the puppet makeup black eyeshadow, red contact eyes, extra-long eyelashes, and a red swirl on each cheek
Credit: Instagram@makeitjess

Inspired by the iconic character from the “Saw” movie franchise, the Billy the Puppet makeup look is delightfully creepy. Use black eyeshadow and red contact eyes to create an intense gaze. Enhance your lashes with extra-long extensions and add a red swirl on each cheek for a distinct touch. Complement the look with red clown lips and a Barbie pink costume to embody the essence of this haunting character.

8. Emily from Corpse Bride Makeup

Emily from Corpse Bride makeup with a white wedding dress
Credit: Instagram@mel_loves_her_cat

Bring the enchanting character of Emily from “Corpse Bride” to life with a hauntingly beautiful makeup look. Paint your face with a pale white base to mimic her ethereal appearance. Pair the makeup with a white wedding dress and recreate Emily’s delicate features using a light blue shade. Selecting this mesmerizing look is perfect for those who desire a touch of gothic romance on Halloween.

9. Creative Pumpkin Makeup

Creative pumpkin makeup with brown makeup on cheekbones, above upper eyelids and eyebrows and orange-red lips
Credit: Instagram@bereebeauty_

Bring the essence of Halloween to life with this creative pumpkin makeup look. Apply brown makeup on your cheekbones, above your upper eyelids, and eyebrows for a warm, pumpkin-like effect. Enhance the look with orange-red lips, giving the illusion of a carved pumpkin’s mouth. Complete the ensemble with a black stitched mouth clown and adorn the look with colorful rhinestones, adding a touch of whimsy.

10. Coraline Makeup

Coraline makeup with a black button on the eye and a white button eye contact on the other eye, and matte nude lips
Credit: Instagram@katiifirecat

Step into the eerie world of Coraline with a captivating Halloween makeup look inspired by the beloved animated film. Place a black button on one eye and wear a white button eye contact lens on the other, creating a hauntingly unique effect. Opt for matte nude lips and add an extra touch of Coraline’s essence with a stitch nail art design on a line from the corner of your mouth through your cheeks.

11. Butterfly Skull Makeup

Butterfly Skull makeup with a big white butterfly covering eyes, nose, and cheeks with purple and white skull teeth
Credit: Instagram@makeupbycaitlinv

Combine the elegance of butterflies with the macabre allure of skulls by creating a mesmerizing butterfly skull makeup look. Use a big white butterfly with purple rhinestones to cover your eyes, nose, and cheeks, creating a stunning juxtaposition of beauty and darkness. Enhance the effect with purple and white skull teeth, adding an element of mystery to the overall appearance.

12. Spider Eye Makeup

Spider eye makeup that features black smokey eyes and a black spider on an eye with a rhinestone on each leg
Credit: Instagram@makeupbycaitlinv

Embrace your arachnid side with a spider-eye makeup look that will send shivers down spines. Create black smokey eyes and accentuate one eye with a black spider, complete with a rhinestone on each leg. On the other eye, opt for a glitter cut crease makeup style, adding a white cobweb on the cheek and four spider legs on each mouth corner. Of course, this Halloween makeup look is perfect for those who want to weave a web of intrigue.

13. Ghost Eye Makeup

Ghost eye makeup features colorful eyeshadows with rhinestones and some ghosts on the upper lid and under the lower lid.
Credit: Instagram@slightlyunblended

Channel the ethereal and otherworldly with a ghost eye makeup look that features colorful eyeshadow and rhinestones. Create a captivating and whimsical effect by placing ghostly figures on the upper lid and under the lower lid. Opting for this unique and haunting look is sure to make you stand out at any Halloween gathering.

14. Black and Silver Glitter Spider Eyeliner Makeup

Black and silver glitter spider eyeliner makeup for Halloween.
Credit: Instagram@emmaahp

Make a statement with a striking black and silver glitter spider eyeliner Halloween makeup look. So, create a dramatic and captivating effect by applying black eyeliner in the shape of a spiderweb, complete with silver glitter outlines. Indeed, this look is perfect for those who want to add a touch of glamour to their Halloween ensemble.

15. Spooky Fairy Makeup

Fairy Halloween makeup features bleached eyebrows, white contact eyes, white pearls on the face, Voodoo Lashes, and red lips
Credit: Instagram@makeupbycaitlinv

Combine the enchantment of fairies with a spooky twist by creating a mesmerizing spooky fairy Halloween makeup look. Start by bleaching your eyebrows for an otherworldly effect. Wear white contact lenses to enhance the eerie vibe. Adorn your face with white pearls, creating an ethereal glow. Enhance your lashes with Voodoo Lashes for added drama. Complete the look with glossy red lips, adding a hint of danger to the overall appearance.


Halloween is a time to unleash your imagination and embrace the artistry of makeup. With these stunning Halloween makeup ideas, you can transform yourself into captivating characters, from elegant Catrinas to spooky fairies and everything in between. Whether you prefer a more whimsical or macabre look, these ideas are bound to inspire you to create a memorable and show-stopping costume. So, get your brushes ready, and let your creativity run wild this Halloween!

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